Weather Apps

The Baron white-label weather appThe new Baron weather app design for iOS and Android is packed full of new features, including redesigned graphics, more ad opportunities and a streamlined map interface.

Flexible Tile Design

The home page tile design lends itself to endless customization options for weather, news, sports and blogs.

  • Customizeable widget and tile-based home page
  • Current conditions widget
  • New look to the radar map

Infinite Advertising Opportunities

Advertising slots, customized by shape and size, are generously placed throughout the home page, current conditions page and splash screen, allowing increased revenue and sponsorships.

New Look, New Data

weather forecasts in the Baron white-label mobile appBy combining the current conditions and 7-day forecast sections, the new Baron app displays a wealth of weather information in a single scrolling screen. You can fully customize your app’s icons, backgrounds, colors and font choices, too.

  • Animated compass display for wind speed and direction
  • Sunrise, sunset, dusk, dawn and moon phase
  • Gauge dial for humidity
  • Slider graph for forecasted temperature, precipitation and wind


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