Customer Engagement

Critical Weather Intelligence for Your Business

develop custom implementations for your internal and customer-facing projectsWeather incidents account for more than half of all homeowner insurance claims. Baron weather solutions can be used for proactive customer engagement before and after a weather event, helping speed up the payment process and build brand loyalty.

You can use precision weather data to alert policyholders to approaching weather, enabling them to take vital steps for protecting life and property. And customer satisfaction is increased, since you can examine the data to efficiently and accurately validate claims. From mobile SDKs to a versatile and powerful weather API, it’s all custom-deployable to achieve the objectives important to you. Below are some of the ways you can grow your business through effective customer engagement.

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  • Chris Carr

    Director of Business Development

    A graduate of the University of South Alabama, where he received a degree in Meteorology with a minor in Mathematics and Statistics, Chris has been with Baron for over 10 years now. An expert in Internet technologies, he enjoys helping automotive and technology companies meet their weather-related challenges.

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