Risk Management

Critical Weather Intelligence for Your Business

insurer risk managementAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 22% of vehicle crashes are related to weather. Weather risk management solutions from Baron allow you to view current and historical weather data at national, regional, neighborhood and roadway-level, helping you evaluate policyholder risk and protect your business. Weather alerting for specific locations is also available, as well as reliable weather monitoring for your facilities and areas of operation. Whichever method you choose, easy-to-integrate tools allow you to implement precision weather into your existing apps, websites and other internal services.

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  • Chris Carr

    Director of Business Development

    A graduate of the University of South Alabama, where he received a degree in Meteorology with a minor in Mathematics and Statistics, Chris has been with Baron for over 10 years now. An expert in Internet technologies, he enjoys helping automotive and technology companies meet their weather-related challenges.

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