Web-based Weather Monitoring

Threat Net is your one-stop resource for fast and reliable weather information. With up-to-the-minute data you can depend on, Baron Threat Net provides you with actionable intelligence to make mission-critical decisions for your organization. Get precise weather information, accessible anytime and anywhere—especially when you need it most. Threat Net helps enhance public safety so you can feel confident in preparing and responding to uncertain situations. For more information, visit www.baronthreatnet.com.

Instant Access on Your Tablet Device


Users can access Threat Net directly from their tablet device, Mac and PC. All you need is a secure Internet connection to have the same state-of-the-science tools that weather professionals rely on daily.

A Comprehensive Tool for Weather Tracking


Your organization can implement an effective weather preparedness plan by depending on Threat Net’s fast and detailed weather information. With more than 50 products available to users, 18 of which are Baron exclusive, you will be able to locate the greatest threats in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Get Advanced Situational Awareness

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Access thorough information on everything from temperature, wind speed and dew point, to precipitation forecasts, accumulated snow and storm rotation potential, over the next four days. Threat Net’s comprehensive forecast models let you know what’s coming so you can better prepare.

Street-Level Precision Weather Data

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Enjoy precision weather data complete with street-level mapping of nationwide radar, lightning, satellite and patented Baron storm tracks. All data is presented in high resolution, which means users get a detailed look across the entire region or within a localized area.

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