Expanded Lightning Alerts for Baron Threat Net

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How It Works

Your Baron Threat Net subscription already allows you to receive alerts when inclement weather approaches within 15 miles of any saved alert location. With the expanded lightning alerts, you can now get notifications when:

• Lightning has been detected within 12, 10, 8 and/or 5 miles of a saved alert location. You choose the range for each location.

• 30 minutes have passed  since lightning last struck within 15 miles of an alert location.









You can receive any Threat Net alert as a
pop-up on the map, text message or email.





What To Do

The next time you visit Baron Threat Net, the lightning alerts will be ready to go. Please note that to receive the new alerts, you will need to enable them in the alert type settings for each saved alert location. To do this, click a location on the map, and then click “Edit Location”. Next, click “Alert Types”. You will find lighting alerts within the Severe Weather Alerts category.