Mobile Link Firmware Update

It’s time to make the most of your Mobile Link by adding the ability to view the entire suite of Mobile Link-supported XMWX weather data directly on your connected display device—no additional app required! The Baron Mobile Link Viewer is connected to your Mobile Link device and enhances the system with valuable XMWX weather data that boosts situational awareness for mission-critical decisions. Now you’re in control of the data you see.

Downloading the firmware update

  1. Right-click and save this file to your PC/laptop’s Desktop or Downloads folder. (Note: You cannot update the firmware from an iPad connected to the Mobile Link.)
  2. Connect the PC/laptop with the downloaded file to the Mobile Link’s Wi-Fi signal.
  3. Open a browser and enter the following URL:
  4. Enter username “admin” and password “mobile11”.
  5. Click the Mobile Link firmware update box in the lower left of the Mobile Link control panel.
  6. Browse to the file on your PC and select to begin your update.

Once your firmware is installed, you can access all of Mobile Link Viewer’s data and features using your mobile device or laptop. Connecting is quick and simple; follow the instructions below. To review a list of available data, click here.

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the “Mobile Link” wireless network.
  2. pen your preferred browser on your Mobile Link-connected device.
  3. Enter the following URL:
  4. Save the URL to your home screen for one-tap access.

For more information on your Mobile Link device, visit our FAQ page.