Weather and Traffic Together

Announcing Baron Traffic

Baron is unveiling their new comprehensive traffic system for news and weather—Baron Traffic. This quick and easy system provides a completely integrated, one-vendor solution that is based on quality traffic data, high-resolution mapping and flexible graphics. Get to air fast with traffic incidents, flow and drive times!

Baron is bringing it all together with Weather and Traffic. Driving Your Business and Protecting Your Viewers.


Driving Your Business

Get to air with speed and accuracy with Baron Traffic. Review traffic incidents, plot incidents on the map, display flow data, select drive times, and add it all to your show effortlessly. That’s the beauty of Baron Traffic.

  • Identify traffic impediments rapidly, and display the elements on the map with a single click: accidents, stalled vehicles, close roads all display with customizable graphics and icons.
  • Plot flow data over major and minor roads within your DMA.
  • Show drive times for important road segments and traffic patterns.
  • Smoothly share your traffic reports on social media.
  • Sell multiple sponsorships. It’s simple to change the graphics for each traffic report.



Protecting Your Viewers

Stay on the leading edge of weather technology with Baron Lynx. With the inclusion of Baron Traffic, Lynx is even more powerful and more versatile,while never losing the power of critical weather intelligence from Baron. Lynx is the engine that drives successful weather presentations.

Baron Lynx makes your coverage precise, eye-catching and memorable—a potent combination of market-differentiating graphics and legendary storm tracking.

Let's Go!

Baron Weather and Traffic Together with Baron Lynx—your everyday solution. Plan on seeing the new Baron Traffic first-hand in NAB booth C6821. We’re driving your business together, so let’s get started!