About Baron

For us, this business is personal.

Baron headquarters, located in Huntsville, Alabama.Baron provides critical weather intelligence to businesses, government agencies, and consumers. Based in Huntsville, Ala., everything changed during the early days of the company when an F4 tornado devastated parts of the city in 1989. Following that high-impact event, the company had a new mission: delivering life-saving meteorological tools for those moments when it matters most.

Since then, we have changed the way the country sees weather with our advancements in street-level storm tracking, weather radar and alerting innovations. Precision matters most in everything we do. Baron technology allows weather professionals to ensure improved safety, while helping private industry achieve increased efficiency and revenue through accurate weather-related decision making.

The company’s product portfolio consists of four categories. Baron weather radar is the source point for the vast amounts of information we process and interpret. Actionable Weather data is another core competency, helping users more easily identify areas of concern. Display and storm tracking software is the conduit through which meteorologists access Baron weather intelligence, while reliable data delivery ensures any kind of user, on any type of device, receives precision weather information at all times.

Our projects include the successful upgrade of the U.S. NEXRAD radar network to dual-polarization; now, everyone in the U.S. with a need for weather information benefits from Baron technology. With our partners SiriusXM, we have delivered accurate weather data to cockpits, helms and storm chasers for over 15 years. Baron equipment is used in military and airport installations globally, where it helps decision-makers protect their areas of responsibility with life-saving weather insights. Businesses make smarter weather-related decisions, and media companies like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, WeatherNation, and the Weather Network in Canada provide their audiences with accurate forecasts and—when it matters most—with split-second, life-saving coverage.

At Baron, our mission remains simple: ensuring that every citizen, every nation, every business, and every family are protected from inclement weather. Through that mission, we can help make your organization more successful. We will always keep looking forward, putting safety first, and making sure that you’re treated as a partner, not a data point.