Baron Air Quality

Baron provides air quality solutions judged superior to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and has delivered forecast guidance for all major NOAA-sponsored AQ field studies since 2001, including LISTOS 2018. These solutions help customers to understand the challenges for their constituents of changing air quality, allowing for advanced warning and detailed information.

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“The NESCAUM states have been using Baron forecast products since 2005
to support state efforts in forecasting the daily Air Quality Index
(AQI) as required by EPA and used on the EPA AIRNow web site.  The
Baron MAQSIP-RT and CMAQ ozone products are an important part of that AQI forecasting effort, since the 45km forecast goes out 4 to 5
days.  While there are other publicly available forecasts, they only
go out 1 to 2 days and are of limited value when doing weekend
forecasts.  The availability of the “morning of” 15 km forecast runs
helps states fine-tune their AQI forecasts when conditions may be
changing rapidly.”

“NESCAUM has also used the Baron forecast products for special studies
where intensive monitoring is done when air quality events are
expected.  For the last two summers, the NESCAUM Long Island Sound
Tropospheric Ozone Study (LISTOS) has used the Baron forecasts to
trigger aircraft flights and other activities when elevated ozone is
expected.  For logistical reasons, these activities need several days
advance notice of possible events, and the 45 km forecast has been
very useful.  As we approach a day of interest, the more detailed
15km model runs 1-2 days out help us fine-tune planned intensive
monitoring activities.”

– George Allen, Chief Scientist, NESCAUM


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