Alabama SAF-T-Net®

Precision weather alerting for all residents of Alabama


Available at no cost to all residents of the state, Alabama SAF-T-Net notifies those in the path of dangerous weather. With a powerful all-in-one app, you can customize street addresses—home, work, school, or any other location important to you—and get push notifications anytime dangerous weather approaches them. The SAF-T-Net® app is also great for daily weather, with current conditions, forecasts, a radar map and more.


Alerts include:

  • Baron-exclusive Twisting Storm Alerts
  • Baron-exclusive Dangerous Storm Alerts
  • NWS Tornado Warnings
  • NWS Severe Thunderstorm Warnings
  • More alerts for flooding, tropical and winter events

Patented technology means Alabama SAF-T-Net only sends you weather alerts when it matters. If you’re not affected, you’re not alerted.

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We currently do not offer the ability to sign up for SMS, email or voice alerts. If you wish to disable text alerts in your existing account, just use your phone to text STOP to 61872, or text STOP as a response to alert you have already received.

If you have any other questions about your existing service, please use the form below, and we’ll be in touch.