Baron Lynx - Spring 2018 Update

Introducing the latest software update for Baron Lynx. This free update is available for all current Lynx customers.

To schedule your update, contact Stephen McCloud via email or at 256-704-4357.


Raised Regions

Define individual counties and states, or a cluster of them. It’s entirely up to you. Countries and provinces are supported, as well. Data products, including temperature, winds and more can be displayed at the same time.


Hand Tracking Enhancements

For Baron Hand Tracker customers, a new set of features brings greater customization and usability.

  • You can now launch map frames from the Analysis tab, allowing you to run a complete show with the Hand Tracker.
  • You can now draw/move volumetric RHI boxes, and perform RHI slices with the Hand Tracker.
  • A new sensitivity setting allows you to adjust hand tracking response to your liking, so it’s easier to perform pixel queries and make other movements.
  • The Hand Tracker panel is now separated from the Sketch menu.
  • You can also save and load your favorite settings for the Hand Tracker panel. Multiple favorites can be saved at the same time.


Volumetric RHI Scaling and Rotation

Show every angle of the story, fully exploring the heart of the storm. The new Lynx update lets you rotate around slices of radar data when you’re in RHI mode. Hold down the CTRL key to rotate the data along the vertical axis. Holding down the Shift key allows you to move along the radial.


Other Enhancements

Analysis Mode

  • We’ve added the ability to query coastal alerts.
  • There are now three additional product tabs in Analysis Mode, putting more data at instant reach.
  • The Storm/Squall Track font for speed can now be customized.
  • Your favorite settings can be saved for the Analysis Mode multi-panel.
  • UDFD forecast updates occur more frequently.
  • You can now delete individual storm tracks.
  • Forecast models can now be queried from separate color palettes.


Creation Mode

  • Creation Mode now supports live radar.
  • We have made various improvements to the QuickEditor interface, making it faster and easier to use.
  • Analysis frames exported to Creation Mode now match the same lapse speed and time.


Baron Gen3 Radar

  • You can now apply a precipitation mask to live radar.
  • Baron Gen3 radar data appears instantly without the need to wait for it to paint on-screen.