What Can I Expect?

During severe weather, the National Weather Service office may switch your local NEXRAD radar(s) into modes called SAILS or MESO-SAILS. These modes allow meteorologists, including your own weather center, to get more frequent updates of radar imagery as storms approach.

It is critical that your weather vendor support these modes, and Baron has been supporting the new imagery since its inception. The difference now is that we have begun generating value-added data products with each lowest-elevation scan. Ultimately, this means you will get new updates on severe weather products as fast as once every 72 seconds.

Additionally, we have tweaked the criteria for generating automated Baron Storm Tracks for severe storms, which filters out lesser storms to identify only those that are truly severe.

All the data is compatible with Baron Lynx, as well as our legacy displays.


What Does My Station Get?

Here are the Baron-exclusive data products that are being updated more frequently.

  • Shear Markers
  • Baron Storm Tracks (Severe Storms)
  • Baron Storm Tacks (Shear)
  • Baron Button (display of greatest threats: flooding, hail or wind shear)
  • VIL Density (used for hail detection)
  • Echo Tops (detects the height of storms)

The other Baron severe weather data products you rely on remain as precise as ever. In fact, we have been providing more frequent updates for Shear Rate, Shear Swath, De-Aliased Level II Velocity and Dual-Pol Hail ever since the inception of SAILS.


What are the Benefits over My Competition?

For every data update that non-Baron customers receive, you will get 2 to 4 data updates. Other weather vendors are still delivering NWS-generated storm tracks using older techniques. This means the data products you get from Baron arrive about 5 minutes sooner.

There are numerous accuracy and timeliness benefits you can promote to viewers. Visit our detailed MESO-SAILS page to learn more.


What Do I Need to Do?

There’s nothing you need to do; you are good to go. All modifications were made on the server side, and your Baron displays are already capable of displaying the data.


How Can I Learn More?

We have set up a more detailed information page that details the benefits now available to you, along with information that will help you show viewers the difference in the weather coverage that you can provide.


Are Other Vendors Providing Value-Added Data from MESO-SAILS?

No. Baron is the only vendor currently providing value-added MESO-SAILS data. This development is the result of Baron’s commitment to the science of meteorology, and to you as a customer.