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Critical Weather Intelligence for Your Business

weather alert received on policyholder phoneWith the majority of your customers carrying a powerful computer in their pockets and purses, mobile app engagement is an increasingly crucial part of your outreach. After all, it’s your chance to shine a spotlight on your brand, ensuring it’s always at a fingertip’s reach. You can use weather to optimize your mobile presence. Here are a few ways we can help.

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Baron Pinpoint Alerting

We’ve developed a powerful and patented alerting method that gives you an edge on competition using other weather data. Baron Pinpoint Alerting means you can automatically notify policyholders in the path of weather, from severe and tornadic storms to nearby lightning, hail, rain and snow.

The difference lies in our alerting’s specificity; by focusing our analysis on the true threats, rather than the storm’s center point, Baron Pinpoint Alerting is more accurate than other alerting services. Our emphasis on innovative radar technologies allows us to provide alerts with more lead time, as well.

National Weather Service warnings are also provided. Baron alerting is integrated into your apps via a developer-friendly mobile SDK, ensuring efficient ramp-up and deployment through friendly development tools.

precision storm tracking and weather alerts

patented weather alerting technology

Bring Weather into Your Apps

the Baron white-label mobile app for insurers

With the Baron Mobile Toolkit, we provide your choice of streamlined software development kits (SDKs) for integrating precision Baron weather data into your existing mobile apps.

  • Baron Pinpoint Alerting SDK – Exclusive weather alerting tied to an individual policyholder—not an entire county or warning polygon.
  • Current Conditions SDK – The daily weather essentials, like temperature, rain chances, winds and more. 24-hour forecast data for each condition is included.
  • Map SDK – View radar, lightning and other weather data on an easy to use, pinch-to-zoom map.

Custom Push Notifications

The Baron App Messenger is your gateway to reaching out to policyholders with custom messages. Warn policyholders about impending weather, or follow up with them after an event has passed. Using a secure portal, you can locate the locations of registered users and locations, along with their proximity to threatening weather. You can then send a tailored message to an individual customer, or an entire affected region, delivering a truly personalized touch to your service.

custom push notifications for weather alerts

Custom Implementations

develop custom implementations for your internal and customer-facing projects

With the Baron Weather API, you can use simple development tools to integrate precision weather data—radar, current conditions and more, plus intelligent data products for flooding, hail, winter weather and tornadoes—into your mobile apps. REST architecture, familiar formats and protocols, extensive documentation and helpful onboarding support all ensure your implementation is reliable and effective. Learn more about Baron Cloud Data Services.