Baron Model

The new Baron Model’s 3km resolution allows you to present a forecast with better localized precision than other industry models, and at a larger nationwide scale. Starting with the WRF model as a basis, we’ve made Baron-proprietary improvements across the board. The best U.S. forecast model is now even better, and it’s exclusive to our customers. You will provide audiences with better forecast accuracy during any kind of daily or high-impact weather event, from heavy rain and thunderstorms to cold weather outbreaks and blizzards—all with a powerful on-air look. So not only is your weather story better, but you look great while telling it.

Nationwide, Higher-Resolution Detail

Since it’s a high-res 3 km nationwide model, the new Baron Model means you can present breaking weather, like a massive snow event or hurricane, from anywhere in the country with the same precision as your local coverage. And this level of resolution helps you better show the intricacies of your local and regional microclimates.

In addition, because some model products provide 5-minute time steps (compared to 15-minute steps for the older model), you will see weather features develop with greater accuracy, giving your viewers a vital heads-up during all weather events.

Tell a Better Daily Weather Story

Temperature. Winds. Precipitation Rate. Cloud Cover and more. Whatever your weather market, a host of data products within the Baron Model suite provides all the firepower needed for more accurate forecasts—every day and every season.

More Data with Longer Model Runs

Each 3km Baron Model run is a 66-hour forecast. We’re also providing an additional 15km version that goes out to 96 hours. It’s all about having better insight into the weather, further into the future. Plus, each model run comes to you packaged with the most data products we’ve ever offered with a Baron model.


Enhanced Severe Weather Prediction

New forecast data from the Baron Model includes Lightning, Hail, CAPE, Updraft Helicity and more. Explain developing situations with greater accuracy, in better detail, farther in advance.