Baron Model - Simple Scientific Solutions

Simplicity with Science

Science doesn’t have to be hard. Baron delivers easy to interpret weather solutions that integrate seamlessly into your environments through easy to access web portals or our comprehensive weather API solution. Our new weather forecasting model delivers science providing valuable insights, before you need them. In fact, the best U.S. forecast model is now even better with new Baron exclusive enhancements that will benefit you – daily.

Improved forecast accuracy and increased resolution are delivered with vivid visualization that is geared towards improving decision-making with Baron’s critical weather intelligence.

Making Science Beautiful

  • 3km high resolution nationwide data provides clear crisp and vivid displays
  • Baron-exclusive improvements to the best US forecast model
  • More data in the form of 25 new products, more than 60 hours into the future

Simple Solutions

  • Baron API: With the Baron weather API, weather data integrates easily into your workflows, products, and platforms. Baron provides numerous tools to aid with implementation from professional support and guidance to detailed documentation and and detailed integration support site.
  • Baron Threat Net: The Baron Threat Net web portal provides 24/7 weather access and continuous site-specific alerting accessible from anywhere on any device.

Daily Risks: Highs and Lows

You just need weather facts – –  like knowing when temperatures will plummet and how cold will it be. The new Baron Model provides advanced and accurate information on Wind Chill, Heat Index, Humidity, Temperature extremes and Visibility. Not new concepts; but better data so you can perform other vital functions.

  • Schedule crews ahead of inclement weather
  • Monitor weather during sporting events or outdoor activities
  • Know in advance when to open homeless shelters when temperatures and wind chill drop dangerously low
  • Predict dangerous road conditions or coastal areas with poor visibility

Flowing Water and Freezing Precipitation

Baron model rain accumulation

Water makes up 71% of the planet and is vital to our survival, but it brings its own set of hazards. The new Baron Model delivers several valuable data products that help you prepare to handle flooding, freezing and flowing water. Forecasts show how much rain is expected to fall over the next hour and how much is expected to accumulate on roads, in parking lots, and other areas.

  • Prepare for road closures and alternate bus routes
  • Open emergency shelters and temporary housing
  • Order evacuations by monitoring rainfall accumulations
  • Pre-treat roadways and bridges
  • Protect staff working outdoors

From First Freeze to Snow Melt

The Fall and Winter cool-down is often welcomed after the heat of summer but managing the risks associated with heavy snow and freezing temperatures can take careful planning and preparation. The Baron Model helps you prepare days in advance so you can evaluate the potential impacts of ice, sleet and snow accumulation. Environmental cold is a real concern and monitoring worker’s exposure is important. Baron’s Wind Chill, Snow Accumulation, Ice Pellet, Freezing Rain and other products provide the advanced notice you need.

  • Prepare your organization and facilities for an upcoming winter event
  • Determine bus routes and possible school closings due to inclement weather
  • Prep sidewalks and parking lots at your facility to ensure customer safety
  • Identify threats posed by ice, sleet and accumulating on structures, power lines and bridges
  • Reroute fleets and shipments
  • Manage snow melt and run off

Thunderstorms and Twisting Storms

Severe weather can be any weather event with the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life. The Baron Model and its collection of situational awareness data products provides valuable insights toward knowing the overall severe weather potential and storm strength. This valuable information helps you monitor a projection of severe weather, and prepare your resources and facilities accordingly. The Hail forecast, Lightning forecast, Storm Strength and Severe Weather potential are all geared towards helping you prepare.

  • Focus resources by seeing areas where trees or power lines could be downed by wind
  • Relocate students to safe indoor environments when lightning is expected
  • Predict areas and facilities prone to hail damage during a storm event
  • Get an idea of the overall tornado threat level across a region with storm strength data