Driver Risk Modeling

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road weather accidentFor some businesses, risk means everything. Revenue, profit and business continuity are all affected by it. To help evaluate road risk and its effects on accidents, we offer the Baron Weather Archive. Easy to integrate into your existing processes, it provides a streamlined way to view archived weather data for a user-defined period of time. Data for some products is available for up to several years in the past.



Mitigate Risk. Protect Profits.

historical weather data

For accurate context, insurers and car rental companies can use the Baron Weather Archive to overlay historical weather data onto their own driver risk analysis. This allows correlations to be drawn between road risk and driver behavior, allowing appropriate rates to be set. Driver coaching programs can also be created to curb risky behavior, and promote healthy decision-making.

Available Data

A comprehensive and diverse dataset is available for the Baron Weather Archive, allowing you to implement only the data products that will be most effective for your application.

  • Roadway Conditions: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Threats: Flooded, Slippery, Patchy Ice, Ice, Snow, Heavy Snow
  • Roadway Current Weather: Cloudy, Freezing Rain/Ice, Light Rain, Heavy Freezing Rain/Ice
  • Radar data (Entire US, Canadian, Australian, European)
  • Baron Hail Path
  • Baron High Wind Path
  • Rainfall data products
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Surface conditions
  • Satellite imagery and data products
  • Fire and smoke plumes
  • Sea state data
  • Drought monitoring data

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Implemented with the Baron Weather API

customer support

The Baron Weather API makes easy integration possible, with common file formats and protocols. Since it’s a REST API, your developers can use their favorite libraries, making development easier and more efficient. We will support you with dedicated onboarding personnel, along with extensive documentation that helps you get moving—fast.