Safety Services

Critical Weather Intelligence on the Road

Baron Telematics Weather allows you to provide enhanced driver safety services to customers. Delivered through an easy and efficient API, you can also use the data to improve your own internal processes. We work closely with the data every day to ensure its timeliness and accuracy, so only high-quality information is integrated into your systems. Below are some ways we can help.




Validates Sensor Accuracy and Fill Gaps in Data

By 2020, it is estimated that 250 million connected cars will be on the road. While those numbers increase, you can supplement existing inputs with data from Baron Telematics Weather, providing a more complete view of weather and road conditions reported by your deployed sensors.

Additionally, weather and pavement information returned from your connected vehicles can be used to validate the accuracy of connected car inputs through detailed, real-time information.

Aids Dynamic Mapping

Perhaps among the most invaluable driver safety service, Baron Telematics Weather can be used to mitigate failure of onboard sensors due to adverse weather. Custom alerts generated from our API alert the driver to the possibility of vehicle system issues, giving them a vital heads-up to stay alert.

dynamic mapping integration with accurate weather

Integrated with the Baron Weather API

weather data in navigation

The Baron Weather API makes easy integration possible, with common file formats and protocols. Since it’s a REST API, your developers can use their favorite libraries, making development easier and more efficient. We will support you with dedicated onboarding personnel, along with extensive documentation that helps you get moving—fast.

A Host of Accurate Data

You can choose from a wealth of specialized data products for generating your own custom alerts and datasets. These include:

  • Baron Storm Tracks
  • US/Canada/Europe/Australian Radar
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Global Lightning
  • Current and Forecast Road Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Driver Weather
  • Global Forecast Snowfall
  • Global Forecast Radar
  • Global Forecast Wind Speed and Direction
  • Global Forecast Rainfall Accumulation
  • Global Weather Observations
  • Global Satellite Imagery
  • NWS Watches and Warnings
  • Global Temperature and Wind Speed
  • FutureScan Radar

road weather conditions