Baron Telematics Weather


Baron Telematics Weather

Driving habits need improvement, as we learned at this year’s Connected Car Insurance USA event. With the weather, you have far less control. Yet our customers and businesses are routinely impacted by it.

Baron Telematics Weather provides insightful driving guidance to help your customers make good decisions about weather impacting their daily travel lives.  By integrating Baron Telematics Weather into your services, your organization and customers will benefit from the following:

  • Reduced insurance claims, as your customers receive preemptive alerting & guidance for dangerous road weather conditions.
  • Safer travel and routing for your customers as they receive current and forecast road conditions.
  • More accurate, verification of claims. Claims are verified more accurately and efficiently, thanks to our archival Baron Telematics Weather.

Baron Telematics Weather is tailored to your unique challenges and is ready for integration into your company’s apps or software.  In every case, Baron Telematics Weather adds a unique and effective value to your products and services  to reduce claims, improve driver safety, and increase profitability.

If you’d like to learn more about Baron Telematics Weather, contact Baron’s Director of Business Development, Chris Carr at

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