Baron Lynx


Introducing Baron Lynx—a market-differentiating blend of eye-catching daily graphics and precision storm tracking.

Easy to use and designed with meteorologists’ needs in mind, Baron Lynx makes it faster to unleash your weather content onto every screen, every day. Your forecast and brand are the same on every platform, while on-air talent stays top of mind with optional wall interaction.

It’s the next generation of critical weather intelligence. And it’s here.


How Can Baron Lynx Help You Win Weather?

  • Differentiating your station with customized weather graphics and coverage. More
  • Reaching every screen with an identical forecast and brand. More
  • Telling a deeper weather story. More
  • Giving TV meteorologists a powerful new tool for weather. More

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a 3D cityscape with morning forecast in Baron Lynx

3D cityscapes coupled with forecast graphics and weather data display allow meteorologists to tell a truly local weather story with Baron Lynx.








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forecast model in Baron Lynx

Smoothly animating wind streamlines provide a new level of visual polish.








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futurecast in Baron Lynx

Meteorologists achieve higher visual fidelity and precision using Baron Lynx.








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Daily forecast graphics can appear as full-screen graphics, or embedded in local billboards. Baron Lynx allows sponsorship graphics to be applied to billboards, as well.








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