Best Practices - Fire, Smoke, Drought and Air Quality

2020 has been a devastating fire season across the western United States. Nearly seven million acres have burned, dozens of lives have been lost, and in some cases, entire towns have nearly been destroyed. The need for accurate and timely coverage of fires and the conditions that heighten fire risk is clear as ever.

Within Baron Lynx is a deep roster of fire, smoke, drought, and air quality products that enable the delivery of clear and comprehensive fire information. These products are ideal for covering conditions as they become more conducive for fires, the risk current fires pose to communities in your region, and the impact smoke is having on air quality.

Watch the video for an up-close look at the fire coverage capabilities you will find in Baron Lynx. Continue reading below for a list and description of some of Baron’s most valuable products for telling informative and visually captivating fire stories.

All the following products are available in Baron Lynx, our weather analysis, forecast, and display product. They can also be accessed via the Baron Weather API, which enables seamless integration of weather data into your websites, apps and development projects.

SPC Fire Outlook Days 1 & 2

Identify at-risk areas with this overview of potential fire danger based on current fuel conditions and future weather for today and tomorrow.

Baron 3km Model Future Lightning

A forecast for widespread frequency of lightning over the next 66 hours that can be used with drought products to identify areas vulnerable to fires sparked by lightning strikes.

Drought Monitor

Identifies areas experiencing different severities of drought.

Percent of Normal Precipitation

Present a more detailed picture of drought conditions by showing the percent of normal precipitation over the last 30 or 365 days with this exclusive product.

Moisture Deficit

Another exclusive product to continue your in-depth coverage of drought and fire conditions by displaying how much below normal precipitation levels are for areas in your region over the last 30 or 365 days.

Fire/Smoke (exclusive)

Pinpoint the location of fires and their resulting smoke plume with this exclusive product.

Hi-res GOES Satellite

Hi-res satellite images provide a clear visual of smoke coverage across your region and the entire country.

HRRR Smoke Forecast

A 36-hour smoke forecast that accurately predicts how thick smoke will be over your area.

Baron Air Quality Forecast Model (exclusive)

Accurately forecast how smoke will impact air quality over the next 5 days with this exclusive Baron model.

Baron 3km Model Wind Gusts (exclusive)

A valuable product for identifying fires at risk of rapidly spreading, this exclusive product forecasts the speed of wind gusts over the next 66 hours.