Fall 2016 Data Release + Baron Lynx 1.1

Software updates for VIPIR and FasTrac are available on the Baron support site. Baron Lynx and Omni customers, call us at 256-881-8811, or email us to schedule your remote update!


24-Hour Pavement Temperature Forecastroad_temperatures
(for Baron Lynx and Omni)
The exclusive Baron 24-hour pavement temperature forecast is delivered in 1 km resolution. It uses the Baron weather prediction and pavement temperature models as a basis, taking into account variables such as air temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, humidity and wind. Road type and roadbed thickness are also factored into the model, resulting in a more accurate forecast. To highlight potential road issues for viewers, use this data in tandem with the Baron model’s precipitation forecast.


current_temperaturesHigh-Resolution Current Conditions (all Baron displays)
The new Baron current conditions products are a near real-time fusion of numerous ground sensor networks combined with high-resolution forecast models. Data from the sensor networks are quality-controlled and then used to enhance the accuracy of the most recent numerical model forecast. The data is delivered on a 3 km grid across the entire US, using the HRRR model as a basis. The resulting data products include surface temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed, heat index and wind chill.


Polygon Enhancements for Baron App Messenger

custom push notifications allow users to generate their own storm polygonsPolygons you draw for manual alerts can now be saved, reused and moved on the map. No installation needed; it’s ready to go when you log in. (This feature is available only to customers of the Baron white-label app.)





Baron Lynx 1.1 Update

Enhanced Twitter Integration with the Baron Social Hub
Get full control over the social media available to you. This feature makes it easy to identify tweets and images, and instantly import them into your Baron Lynx for use on-air. A secure, web-based portal allows you to search for specific weather events, hashtags, users and more on Twitter, using any authorized computer and browser. It’s an easy, effective way to share Twitter content while ensuring only safe material makes it to air.

This feature is provided through the web-based Baron Digital Content Manager. If you do not currently have access, you will be added to this portal when Baron customer support meteorologists update your Lynx software.


Box Zoom for Easy Movements into the Map
A zoom tool, like the one from FasTrac and VIPIR, makes instant zooms into any part of the map quick and easy to execute. Simply click and drag the cursor to define the zoomed-in area.


20 x 20 Router Support
Display up to 20 SD and HD feeds from multiple video sources, and switch between them at any time as a seamless part of your weathercast.