Driver Safety

Critical Weather Intelligence for Your Operations

driver coachingThe safety of drivers and cargo is dependent on accurate decision-making. When that process is aided by critical weather intelligence from Baron, both efficiency and driver safety are increased.

Baron has a history of providing critical weather intelligence to mobile environments. And below are a few ways we can help improve the safety of your drivers.


Driver Coaching

Coach drivers on improving their performance using contextual weather data combined with driver analytics. Road weather data, both current and historical, can be integrated into your existing systems with an easy-to-integrate data API. Or, if you use the ArcGIS mapping platform, you can integrate weather data using the Baron ArcGIS Toolkit. Development is straightforward and streamlined, with Baron’s helpful onboarding staff here to assist during the process.

road weather risk based on historical data

Automated ELD Notifications

autoamted ELD notifications

Drive safety alerts can be sent automatically to Electronic Log Devices (ELDs) anytime inclement weather or road conditions threaten. You can use the Baron Weather API to build your own triggering parameters, using custom thresholds that you define, from a diverse array of data products.

Available products for fleet safety include:

  • Baron Storm Tracks
  • Current and Forecast Road Conditions
  • Current Roadway Threats
  • Current Roadway Weather
  • Global Lightning
  • US/Canada/Europe/Australian Radar
  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Global Forecast Snowfall
  • Global Forecast Radar
  • Global Forecast Wind Speed and Direction
  • Global Forecast Rainfall Accumulation
  • Global Weather Observations
  • Global Satellite Imagery

Mobile Alerting

The Baron Pinpoint Alerting SDK enables simple integration of localized weather alerts into your mobile apps, providing yet another way to ensure fleet safety. Alert types include:

  • Approaching rain
  • Approaching wintry mix
  • Approaching hail
  • Approaching snow
  • Approaching dangerous storms
  • Approaching twisting (potentially tornadic) storms
  • Any National Weather Service-issued warnings