Unrivaled Customer Support


With Baron, you’re never alone. We’ve got your back 24/7/365. And if you’re new to the family, you can relax. We are focused on the broadcaster, providing unrivaled customer support, personalized training, webinars, annual conferences, an in-depth support site, and daily graphics downloads. Plus game-changing software updates at no extra cost. We’ll even help differentiate your look.

Weather connects us all. And so does trust. Why go it alone when you don’t have to?

Market Differentiation

No two forecasts should look alike. Here’s the story of how four Baron Lynx customer stations make their weather unique and compelling, every day of the year. It’s differentiation that’s a critical part of winning weather in your market, and on every platform.

Exclusive data. Engaging storytelling. No wonder Baron Lynx is such a difference-maker.

Exclusive Weather Content

With Baron, you have the power to win every kind of weather event, with exclusive weather content the competition can’t offer. Whether sunny skies, or advanced detection of tornadoes, flooding, hail, tropical or winter weather, critical weather intelligence is at your command. Here’s a look at how several Baron customers are making an impact in their markets.

There Is A Better Choice in Weather

It’s good to have options. For broadcasters, lately it may seem that your weather options are dwindling. But we can help. Watch the video to see why our customers chose Baron.