GOES-16 for Baron Lynx


GOES-16 IR Satellite imageryGOES-16 VIS coastal sectorThe graphical and analytical power of Baron Lynx allows you to deliver a visually compelling presentation of GOES-16 imagery. Here are some ways to customize the system to distinguish your GOES-16 coverage from others in your market, making an effective presentation that tells the real weather story.

  • Customize color palettes for all GOES-16 imagery
  • Maximize display of GOES-16 products by customizing Lynx map backgrounds
  • Draw attention to important details with satellite level customization
  • Extrude cloud tops for a more dynamic presentation
  • Show static or animated GOES-16 data with live interaction
  • Layer GOES-16 data with additional weather data for a more comprehensive view

A Data Innovations subscription is required to receive Baron GOES-16 imagery. No Lynx hardware upgrades or firewall provisions are required to receive this data.

To schedule the GOES-16 update for your Baron Lynx system, please contact us.


What’s Included?

Nationwide Products

  • GOES-16 CONUS Visible Satellite (2 km)
  • GOES-16 CONUS Infrared Satellite (2 km)
  • GOES-16 CONUS Water Vapor (2 km)

Updated every five minutes, these products cover the entire U.S. All provide a high-resolution view of cloud cover, but the Infrared version is also available at night.

Sector over Your Viewing Area

  • GOES-16 Visible Sector (½-km)

Each Baron Lynx customer receives a ½-km sector covering their regional viewing area. This product is updated every five minutes.

Mesoscale Regions

  • Two GOES-16 Visible Floaters (½-km)
  • Two GOES-16 Infrared Floaters (2 km)
  • Two GOES-16 Water Vapor Floaters (2 km)

NOAA moves floaters to areas of interest each day, such as highly convective environments, affording an extremely high-resolution look at a more specific region. These products are updated every minute, so they produce the smoothest available time lapses.