How Weather Is Won



When severe weather threatens, only precision data will do. With Baron, that means storm tracking and analysis that puts you well ahead of the storm—and your competition. Our customers can tell you more.

We made our name with severe weather, and while today we provide everything from weather graphics to apps and widgets, we haven’t left our commitment to critical weather intelligence behind.

A Focus on the Customer

With Baron, you’re never alone. We’ve got your back 24/7/365. And if you’re new to the family, you can relax. We are focused on the broadcaster, providing unrivaled customer support, personalized training, webinars, annual conferences, an in-depth support site, and daily graphics downloads. Plus game-changing software updates at no extra cost. We’ll even help differentiate your look.

Weather connects us all. And so does trust. Why go it alone when you don’t have to?

Winning on Every Screen

Weather apps connect you to your audience wherever they go. Better make sure yours offers content as good as your on-air brand. With the Baron weather app, your forecast is the same on every screen. It’s fast and easy to implement. And with effortless sponsorship and ad placement, weather doesn’t cost you money. It earns money.

But our customers can tell the story better. Here’s a look at how several of them use the Baron weather app to grow their brands and revenue.

Market Differentiation

No two forecasts should look alike. Here’s the story of how four Baron Lynx customer stations make their weather unique and compelling, every day of the year. It’s differentiation that’s a critical part of winning weather in your market, and on every platform.

Exclusive data. Engaging storytelling. No wonder Baron Lynx is such a difference-maker.

Mobile Alerts

There’s another side to the Baron weather app that you might not know about. Specifically, that its exclusive weather alerts keep your audience safe and informed when it matters most. Go with manual alerts, automated, or both. And it’s driven by the same precision that’s in your Baron-powered weathercast.

Reinforce your weather brand. Drive viewers back to your on-air coverage for all the details. And most importantly, keep your audience safe and informed.

Really sends a message, doesn’t it?

Precision of the Data

Severe weather is your biggest chance to pull new viewers into your brand. And when it matters most, you’ve got to come through.

Beyond its superior accuracy, Baron data is also designed to help you communicate the threat to viewers. Exclusive, automated analysis helps the weather team know where to focus.

The data brings clarity. The precision provides confidence. And that means a stronger brand, and a safer, more informed audience.

Designed for the Meteorologist

When we developed Baron Lynx, it was with the broadcast meteorologist in mind. So we asked our customers lots of questions. Such as, “how can we make it faster to get content to social?” And, “how can we make it easier to build a show, and make your graphics look better than the competition?”

More to the point, we listened. It was all part of our drive to build a faster, better weather system that makes your job easier, and your coverage more accurate and consistent.

Now, the cat’s out of the bag. And the results have literally never looked so good.