Hydrology and Flood Forecasting

Baron Hydro is a high resolution fully distributed/explicit stream-river-waterbody network suite of models that assimilate stream gauge and other real-time data inputs for the selected basin(s) and forecast model length down to 50-meter stream resolution. These solutions help customers better understand and issues flood and flash flood watches and warnings by understanding where and when flooding will occur.

Baron solutions combine radar including QPE, sensors of numerous types, modeling, satellite, and other information into an integrated display to easily understand and provide access to data.

For detailed information visit us at InterMET Asia Booth 40.


Meet John McHenry

John McHenryBaron Chief Scientist John McHenry will be in attendance at the Baron booth during Asia Climate Week. John has a broad range of expertise in atmospheric chemistry, mesoscale meteorology, and land-surface hydrology modeling.

At Baron, he propels the development of a vast range of hydrometeorological solutions. John will be pleased to meet with you during the event to discuss your hydrology and other forecasting needs.




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