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Aviation data from the Baron Weather API

winds aloft from the Baron Weather APISign up for the Baron Weather APIYou can easily integrate aviation weather data into your internal websites, apps and other services, using the Baron Weather API. Many data products are global, providing crews and pilots with critical weather intelligence worldwide.

And, as always, accurate is essential. Since all data products are verified for quality 24/7, you can trust that the worldwide weather data in your organization is of the highest accuracy.




Situational Awareness with Global Radar

Weather radar data is available for the US (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Australia and Europe. We also take aviation weather radar a step further with exclusive Satellite-Derived Radar, which covers the entire globe, and is most effective for areas where no radar is present—especially the ocean. Forecast modeling coupled with satellite observations ensures an accurate radar simulation that’s available where no radar networks are present, including over the ocean.

Viewing Conditions along a Planned Route

Exclusively available from the Baron Weather API. With the Baron Flight Cross Section, pilots can now bring up a vertical profile of Global Winds and Temps Aloft occurring along any leg of a trip and at any altitude–all without leaving your app or website.

It’s a powerful integrated feature that can be a real differentiator for your products. Global Winds and Temps Aloft can also be provided as a weather map overlay.

The Baron Flight Cross Section allows users to view winds and temps aloft without leaving their favorite apps and websites.

The Baron Flight Cross Section allows users to view winds and temps aloft without leaving their favorite apps and websites. Click for a larger image.

Cloud Cover Imagery, 24 Hours a Day

screenshot of global satellite imagery

A daily essential for aviation weather. We use infrared imagery to deliver this product. Since it doesn’t require sunlight to show cloud cover, your pilots, crews and operational personnel have continuous 24/7 access to the data.

Global Lightning Strike Data

Cloud-to-ground (global) and cloud-to-cloud (U.S.) data delivers an accurate look at threats aloft. A lightning heat map shows the areas of greatest intensity—great for a high-level look at dangerous airspace.

radar with lightning strikes screenshot

More Global Weather Datasets

global aviation weather data screenshot

The Baron Weather API can also configured to deliver more global weather data products ideally suited to flight tracking and planning. These include:

  • METAR and TAF data
  • Significant Weather Charts (Mid and High-Level)
  • Forecast data
  • Volcanic Eruptions
  • CIP and SLD Icing (U.S. only)
  • Turbulence (U.S. only)
  • Plus more

Other Assets