Weather Tracking

Baron Threat Net. The Best Weather Website for Aviation.

aviation weather data on a tabletWeb-based and easy to use, Baron Threat Net delivers actionable weather insight for the increased security of crews, flights and facilities.

The website works on practically any PC, Mac or tablet browser, and can be easily shown on TVs and monitors in high-visibility locations. A complementary app brings the power of Baron weather tracking to smart phones, so every authorized user gets weather intelligence delivered directly to their device of choice.

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Worldwide Weather Maps

aviation weather data on every device

Baron Threat Net’s interactive map displays a host of U.S. and global weather data, ranging from radar and satellite imagery to winds/temps aloft, METARs, forecast data and more. A comprehensive dataset, combined with global mapping, provides a holistic picture of conditions affecting flights and facilities around the world. For some data like winds aloft, a simple slider allows you to scroll through altitudes to view conditions at different flight levels.

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Pinpoint Alerting

From either the browser map or the companion app, personnel can receive alerts when inclement weather approaches facilities and other crucial locations. You get National Weather Service warnings, along with Baron-exclusive alerts for approaching rain, lightning, snow and possible tornadoes. Customize alerts for locations and alert types–you’ll be notified right on the map, or through text message and email, of what threats are headed your way.

weather alert for local airport

Exclusive Storm Tracking Precision

weather tracking near an airport

When storms arise, Baron Threat Net ensures you have better foresight about approaching threats. And you don’t have to be a meteorologist. Patented storm tracks automatically identify high winds, hail and potential tornadoes, so users get instant awareness of concerning areas, and when they will be impacted. You know the threat, and where to focus. That means you can better predict threats. Prepare for them. And act. You can also draw manual tracks for any part of the storm.

Go Mobile

A complementary and easy-to-use mobile app comes with every Baron Threat Net subscription, providing the same base functionality on iOS and Android smart phones. View radar imagery and lightning strikes, and automatically receive alerts when lightning or other severe weather approaches your airport.

weather app on phone

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