Satellite-Delivered Weather

WxWorx on Wings

When severe weather looms, the sky can often feel like the worst place to be. Our cockpit weather solutions are dedicated to keeping pilots weather-aware before, during and after every flight. As the data provider for XMWX Satellite Weather, we’re providing thousands of pilots nationwide with critical weather intelligence in the cockpit. Continuously broadcast and available in both certified and portable solutions including tablets, it’s the weather you want, and the way you want it.

This video resulted from our work with Heads Up Technologies on their certified receiver solution for XMWX.


Reliable Data Delivery


Have confidence that you will receive the data you need when you need it most. Our data is transmitted through a receiver supported by XMWX Satellite Weather signal and delivers quality weather data to pilots so they can make the best decisions during their flight. XMWX’s satellites transmit with an S-band signal that doesn’t attenuate due to scatter and will remain efficient when the need is critical. Maintain situational awareness, and plan ahead with reliable weather data.

iPad Compatibility


Pinpoint difficult weather with XMWX Satellite Weather data delivered directly to your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Baron’s Mobile Link connects to the WxWorx Data Receiver through built-in WiFi making valuable weather data available with the tap of a screen. Easily view the data of your choice straight from your preferred browser or on a compatible app. Apps are available on software providers’ websites, and through app markets.

How to Get It


WxWorx on Wings can be purchased at the WxWorx shop. Customers can also see screen captures of the software along with a list of data features, so you can be sure that you are getting what you need for a successful flight.

Better Awareness


Have no fear of being caught unaware by the weather with WxWorx on Wings. Satellite-delivered weather data is available at a glance including a multitude of data products including high-resolution radar, lighting, winds aloft and more. An optional GPS capability allows you to display your position on the map in relation to conditions in the sky, while patented Severe Weather Storm Tracks accurately predict the speed, direction and arrival times of storm cells. With just a click of the mouse, users can overlay multiple data products to get a clear and complete picture of what is happening in the sky.

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