Baron Weather API

Easy-to-Integrate Aviation Weather for Your Products & Services

The Baron Weather API provides an easy, efficient way for developers of flight tracking and planning services, like websites and apps, to integrate high-quality aviation weather data. Radar, lightning, winds and temps aloft—it’s all included, plus much more.

With accurate weather data as an overlay, your customers can plan routes ahead of time to avoid inclement weather, and get better situational awareness around storms. Global weather and exclusive data power your products with real differentiators, helping keep customers safe with unique value-added features.



U.S. and Global Weather Data

Baron Flight Cross Section screenshot

The Baron Flight Cross Section allows users to view winds and temps aloft without leaving their favorite apps and websites. Click for a larger view.

You choose the data you want to integrate. Local and global radar. METAR reports. Lightning strike data. Winds and Temps Aloft. Both basic and Baron-exclusive data products are available. Your customers can even create a vertical profile of turbulence (in-cloud and clear air), icing, plus winds and temperature aloft, along their entire route without leaving your apps and websites. There’s a world of weather out there, and now there’s worldwide weather data to match.

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Rapid Deployment

We designed the Baron Weather API to get you up and running quickly. That means common file formats and protocols. Plus it’s a REST API, so you can use your favorite libraries. Data is available in graphical and text formats, while extensive documentation and technical support help you through the entire process. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. We will work with you to build the right solution for your customers.

Built to Handle the Demands of Your Users

baron operations

All mission-critical weather data is backed by proven meteorological expertise with a reputation for accuracy. Multiple data centers ensure continuous service and robust scalability to fit the needs of your customer base. From accurate data to reliable delivery, everything in the Baron Weather API is backed by years of experience building successful partnerships in aviation weather.

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