Every weather story has the potential to be powerful, unique and precise—one that keeps viewers coming back for more. Own local weather by giving your audience stories that captivate their attention and earn their trust. Baron is your partner in winning weather, with a complete solution for compelling, exclusive content every day—on-air, online and on mobile.

Keep viewers informed during all weather scenarios, whether it’s a forecast for the morning commute or actionable information about an impending weather event. Empower your station to stand out on every screen with a custom full-service broadcast solution that meets all of your needs—all accessible and consistent on every screen.

We Are Focused on the Customer.


With Baron, you’re never alone. We’ve got your back 24/7/365. And if you’re new to the family, you can relax. We are focused on the broadcaster, providing unrivaled customer support, personalized training, webinars, annual conferences, an in-depth support site, and daily graphics downloads. Plus game-changing software updates at no extra cost. We’ll even help differentiate your look.

Weather connects us all. And so does trust. Why go it alone when you don’t have to?

Meet the Broadcast Team

  • Jeff Piotrowski

    Territory Manager

    An avid storm chaser and documentarian, Jeff specializes in territory sales for the central US, including Tornado Alley, plus major markets in Florida, as well as Canada. Jeff’s passion for weather is evident in every client interaction.

  • Cherie Smyly

    Senior Sales Representative & Regional Sales Manager

    Cherie is a 21-year veteran representative for Baron, covering the Southeast and West Coast markets. She specializes in working with stations to identify needs, and create effective, market-winning solutions to meet those needs.

  • Walter Tracey

    Regional Sales Manager

    Walter joined the Baron team in 2007. Responsible for addressing Baron broadcast solutions on the east coast, west Texas and in most of Florida, he has over 23 years of experience as a technical sales engineer, with 14 years spent in the semiconductor field.