Daily Weather

Because Weather Affects Us Every Day

Everyone knows that getting it right when severe weather strikes is crucial—but that’s not the only time viewers are counting on your coverage. Daily forecasting tools from Baron give your audience more than they expect, every time.

Using the proven Baron forecast model for your daily coverage lets you deliver accurate, local forecasts for your viewing area, and even the entire nation. We support other models as well, like NAM, GFS and the Canadian GEM.

Daily Essentials for a Complete Weather Picture



Baron makes it easy to deliver a comprehensive forecast with updated sensor reports and high-resolution GOES-16/17 satellite imagery for the day, as well as a host of other useful data points like drought, heat index, fire locations, smoke plumes, earthquakes and more.

For easy display of fronts and pressure systems in your daily forecast, we provide downloads of surface analysis graphics, prepared daily by our team of meteorologists. And every day, you can download a prepared “Weather of the Day” sequence, showing the weather of most interest for your area that day.

Updated four times daily, the Baron Model helps you tell a local, regional and national weather story as the situation demands, with high-resolution detail and superior forecasting accuracy.