Flood Prediction

Keep Your Reputation Watertight

Getting it right isn’t just important when severe weather events are looming. Incorrectly forecasting disastrous conditions can cause serious damage to your professional reputation. That’s why Baron hydrologic technology accounts for more factors than conventional analysis—so you’ve got a better chance of getting it right, every time.

And now, through our work on maximizing NEXRAD MESO-SAILS scanning techniques, meteorologists get more frequent updates of exclusive Baron data, enabling them to pinpoint potential flooding with more accuracy and timeliness than ever.

Forecast the Rains

Baron model rain accumulation

Using the Baron forecast model, you can get precise, accurate precipitation rate and accumulation forecast data in superior resolution for the next 66 hours—letting you reliably convey to your audience the scope of any impending rainfall, and how severely it will impact your viewing area.

Lead Your Market with Dual-Pol Analysis

Baron continues to lead the industry in dual-polarization advances, so you can continue to lead your market with the most reliable forecast. Since we’re constantly striving to improve our technology, you get a more precise, more accurate product that allows you to better monitor the impact of flooding rains in your community.

Our advanced hydrologic technology is designed to give you a clearer, more comprehensive picture of potential flooding conditions, while the Baron greatest threats composite gives your weather staff one-push, 3-in-1 threat detection capabilities: showing potential flooding, hail, or wind shear in a single, easy-to-interpret image.