Track Storms Instantly



Giving you a five-minute advantage over the competition, Baron automated storm tracks are designed to locate wind shear and hail cores, which can indicate areas containing not only large hail, but high winds and heavy rain.

Baron storm tracks are processed within the lowest levels of the atmosphere, helping you be the first to alert, and increasing lead time for public response. Speed and direction are calculated based on the storm’s average movement, not its centroid, resulting in far greater accuracy.

Provide more detail with more accuracy than ever before, showing viewers where the greatest threats lie, all in a single display. And Baron was the first to deliver de-aliased Level II Velocity, providing an unparalleled view of rotating winds—a precision tool for the critical information viewers expect.

And now, through our work on maximizing NEXRAD MESO-SAILS scanning techniques, meteorologists get more frequent updates of exclusive Baron data, enabling them to pinpoint the location of potential tornadoes with more accuracy and timeliness than ever.

How Baron and MESO-SAILS Can Help with Tornado Detection