Winter Precipitation

Forecast and Track Winter's Worst

Witner Temperatures in Baron Lynx

Precision forecast data from the Baron model gives you nationwide, highly accurate forecast intelligence to deliver to your audience. With its unrivaled precision, you can inform your viewers with confidence about how the forecast will affect their community, days in advance.

Lead Your Market in Winter Weather Analysis

24-Hour Snow Accmulation

We never stop working to improve our dual-polarization technology, so you never have to worry about not leading your market with the most reliable analysis. With Baron data that distinguishes between rain, snow and wintry mixes, you can rest assured that you’ll deliver a more precise forecast for winter precipitation in your community.

Our winter weather tracking technology is designed to give you a clearer, more comprehensive picture of what winter is bringing your way, with accurate analysis of snowfall rate. Plus, you get accurate one-, three-, 12-, and 24-hour accumulations for any kind of winter precipitation, while our heavy snow analysis product provides an immediate assessment of a snow event’s intensity.