Exclusive Data Keeps Viewers Informed

Go beyond what viewers expect, providing market-differentiating analysis of any kind of weather event likely to affect your audience. Exclusive content for severe and winter weather help you catch every threat before it becomes a danger. Baron elevates your weather coverage with precise, hyper-local information year-round, from clear skies to winter storms and tornadoes—and every day in between.


  • Warn viewers about severe storms and potential tornadoes, faster than ever before with MESO-SAILS
  • Deliver a better daily forecast with the new Baron Model
  • Utilize a four-panel display for a more detailed analysis
  • Convey the probability of tornadoes within a single storm cell using the Baron Tornado Index
  • Locate possible tornadoes, and even lofted debris
  • Track the presence and movement of hail across your market
  • Accurately alert your viewers to imminent flash flooding
  • Tell viewers where, how much, and for how long, snow and wintry mixes will fall
  • Show the strength and location of precipitation off the coast or over open ocean, where no radars are located
  • Easily evaluate the potential for tropical development near the U.S.
  • Project radar data up to an hour into the future

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