Traffic Integration

Baron Traffic

Get to latest traffic reports to air fast, with the new Baron Traffic system. Our in-depth research identified the traffic reporter’s challenges, so we designed and developed a solution to meet those specific needs. Incident identification is fast and easy to locate on the map. Drive-time graphics are easy to create with an intuitive wizard. Flow data posts automatically, and we even allow you to draw your own flow data for those special events. Integrated into Baron Lynx, the traffic solution provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for stations on a budget or looking to have redundant systems.

Tell a Compelling Traffic Story

  • Strong visualization tools with stunning graphics for incidents, road closures, drive times, special routes and sponsorships
  • High-resolution customizable mapping standard with Baron Lynx includes multiple base map options
  • Live images through Vizzion’s network of more than 32,000 traffic cameras in the U.S.
  • Traffic data is sharable on-air and as web/social imagery

Quick to Air with Incident Reports

baron traffic incidents

  • Detailed incident and granular flow data from MapQuest*, a leader in mapping and data aggregation
  • Intuitive interface design combined with Baron Lynx integration reduces learning curve, simplifies the steps and makes it quick and easy to get to air
  • Incidents plot directly to the map with 2D or 3D graphics, while off-screen the user rapidly selects what is shown with quick clicks of the mouse, building their show in minutes as fresh data becomes available

*MapQuest’s Traffic API is a unique data platform supported by a variety of traffic flow and incident sources, including, but not limited to, TomTom, INRIX, MapQuest’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) consumer movement data. The data sources are cross-referenced, consolidated and enhanced through MapQuest’s proprietary data ingestion and matching engine producing the most accurate, real-time traffic data across US and Canada

Flow Rapidly into Traffic Reports

  • Customize flow data with user selected colors and graphics for a unique look for your station. Or override and change the flow to adjust speed.
  • Draw your own flow data for minor roads and gain more control over what and how the information is presented.
  • Define areas of flow data for anticipated traffic impacts from upcoming events.

Drivetime Graphics Complete the Story

  • Auto-calculate drive times for important road segments and traffic patterns and user-defined routes
  • Build single and multiple road segment graphics with the built-in graphics wizard that facilitates the creation of city drive times
  • Build off your station’s graphic look with predefined graphics and favorites with automatically updating data

Weather and Traffic Together—A Winning Combination

You can also combine high-quality traffic data with Baron’s market-differentiating weather data, from storm tracking to exclusive weather data for hail, tornadoes, flooding and winter weather. Baron Traffic brings to your newsroom the same commitment to accuracy as our weather data and hand tracking technology. Additionally, running both weather and traffic from a single system provides other advantages:

  • Maximized station branding, graphics, and icons
  • Standalone display or combined weather and traffic presentation
  • Reduced learning curve for existing Lynx users

Easy Sponsorhip and Customization

Baron Traffic offers endless opportunities to bring sponsors in the door. Sponsor graphics are quickly changed for each traffic report, and billboards, cameras, icons and more can all be used to highlight your sponsor’s logo and location.

And best of all, the Baron Traffic system provides easy ways to sponsor your traffic reports with flexible graphics. No one is more committed than Baron to ensuring your station has the right tools for the job, and with Baron Traffic we’ve added new tools to drive business for your station.

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