Distinguish Your Brand with Stunning Visuals

Unique and Powerful Weather Stories—Daily

Want higher ratings, new revenue opportunities and better content to make every weathercast a success? Baron Lynx will help you stand out from the crowd with customized graphic sets and 3D models created specifically for the unique needs of your market. Your show is entirely customizable, meaning your story will always cut through the noise. We create daily graphics and provide them for instant, easy download, helping meteorologists save crucial time when building their shows.

3D terrain coupled with custom-built graphics of significant landmarks in your viewing area delivers a community feel that quickly distinguishes your station from the competition. A variety of mapping styles can even be changed throughout your weather show easily, and data interpolation ensures viewers get a polished, fully animated and visually pleasing weather presentation.

With the graphic capabilities that Baron Lynx delivers, your imagination is the only limiting factor.



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Winning Weather brochure box with forecast and boat pier image.