Detect Dangerous Winds

Shear Rate and Shear Markers

The Baron Shear Rate product helps your students quickly identify locations where tornadoes may be forming. A measure of radial wind shear with units of meters per second per kilometer, this enhanced dual-pol product allows for a more precise estimate of shear than the coarser estimations previously possible. Shear Rate can also be useful for identifying locations where tornadic vortices may spin off the ends of bow echoes.

Produced through a separate algorithm, a spinning circle icon is placed at the exact site of the rotating winds, providing instant and accurate identification of the threat’s location. Baron Shear Markers use NEXRAD velocity products as the basis for this identification, while user-configured shear marker display also allows users to filter wind shear detected at higher altitudes, removing them from the display so the meteorologist can focus on the areas of greatest concern.

shear rate_cropped