Tropical Outbreaks

Precise Tropical Forecast Modeling

baron model_sandy

Ideal for research applications, the Baron forecast model accurately projects any precipitation, winds, and cloud cover that comes with a tropical event, four days in advance.

Determining the Threat

The Baron Hurricane Index helps students evaluate the likelihood of strengthening into a tropical storm or hurricane. For even greater vigilance and accuracy of analysis, our Wind Shear and Saharan Dust layers can monitor oceanic conditions to determine the severity of an event.

National Hurricane Center Information

NHC track

The National Hurricane Center can be an invaluable resource when tropical weather develops. With our tropical weather solutions, students can easily access the NHC’s forecast tracks, the flight paths of Hurricane Hunter aircraft, and all NHC-issued hurricane warnings.

Complete Situational Awareness


When you’re dealing with a threat as major as a potential hurricane, every bit of Critical Weather Intelligence is crucial. Our tropical weather solutions also offer other tools for monitoring threats like buoy reports and high-resolution satellite imagery, so your students can get a more complete picture of the true scope of the threat.