Critical Decision-Making Capability

Baron knows that situational awareness is vital to mission success – accurate intelligence can means the difference between life and death.  We deliver real-time environmental information and the tools you need for crucial decision-making based on real-time, comprehensive, integrated data and modeling.

The most complete composite data give you the ability to make more accurate decisions when minutes matter most.  Comprehensive time-critical information provides decision-makers with multiple variables in multiple environments:

    • Aviation – Commercial and Military
    • Early Warning Systems
    • Emergency Management Agency Responders

More complete information means more effective results.

Data Management and Integration

opicBaron delivers intricate weather data management, allowing rapid processing and comprehensive integration for unparalleled accuracy and complete composite imagery.  Our systems increase available information through a network of unmatched data sources:

  • Nearly 400 radars worldwide
  • Over 10,000 remote weather sensors
  • Multiple satellites and lightning networks
  • Numerous models
  • Multiple data processing centers

Add local processing and modeling capability supported by a sophisticated infrastructure, and you have the most complete weather intelligence available. This exclusive data-integration capability also creates increased forecasting accuracy and precision in identifying severe weather information – proven performance across multiple platforms.

As a trusted source of patented technologies, Baron can infuse advanced capability into existing weather systems for increased performance – value-added solutions.  Even more – our extensive in-house research and development team provides even greater access to cutting-edge technologies created continually by the some of the best meteorologists and scientists anywhere.

Expansive data management and integration backed by patented technologies and constant, in-house R&D – confidence that you have the right tools and the right information to make the right decisions.

Technologies and Infrastructure

20141107-IMG_1041With the most advanced weather technologies available anywhere, Baron’s culture of innovation gives you the most up-to-date systems, engineering solutions, products, and distribution capabilities.

Baron’s data processing capacity rivals that of some of the most active Internet media platforms – mammoth applications with instant global distribution.  Our data processing and analysis volume provides you with unparalleled access to broad-based, complete composite weather information.

While delivering the most complete data, our vast infrastructure ensures information accuracy and availability – a complex network of data reporting sites providing uninterrupted access to Baron’s advanced technologies.