Weather Display and Tracking

Get a clear, comprehensive analysis of weather conditions with the Baron Lynx scientific display. When analyzing storms, measuring conditions and watching the weather, nothing will escape your view.

Baron Lynx was intelligently designed with the input of meteorologists, meaning it comes with tools and features that meet all your requirements and provide the most advanced visualization of trusted, precision weather data. Access real-time volumetric display, view Baron Gen3 radar data, display hi-res 3D mapping and terrain, and much more.

Weather graphic produced on Baron Lynx of Satellite Derived Reflectivity and Lightning.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Weather graphic created on Baron Lynx of storm track with estimated arrival times.

View and examine weather with greater accuracy than ever before. Baron Lynx is your display solution when it comes to gathering the most precise analysis of daily weather conditions, from forecasting to numerical weather predictions. It comes with a wealth of meteorological data and intuitive features that help you pinpoint concerns and determine the greatest threats headed toward your region of responsibility.

Integrate Local Data

Weather graphic created in Baron Lynx of live radar coverage during Hurricane Hermine.

Easily ingest local meteorological data, national composites, sensor networks and more into your Lynx system, along with local IP cameras. You’ll have the clearest picture of localized weather conditions available. Best of all, Lynx systems can communicate with each other, allowing you to automatically share the sequences you create across all systems. It’s intelligent, intuitive and scalable to fit your work environment.

Intelligent Display Features

Weather graphic created in Baron Lynx of 4-panel feature.

Take analysis to the next level by viewing and controlling several data products at once with the Lynx 4-panel feature. Each independent data product is displayed in its own window, but remains in-sync with location, movement, telestration, pixel query and more. It’s comprehensive situational awareness when and where you need it most.

Native Language Support

Baron Lynx showing Russian language interface.

Baron Lynx can be configured to support languages around the world with native language support within both the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the localized maps.

Volumetric Analysis

Baron Lynx example of velocity data analysis.

See inside a storm with Baron Lynx volumetric imaging technology. You can instantly take vertical slices of storm data and see what’s happening in true 3D. With Lynx volumetric tools, you’ll be able to perform RHI analysis of storms, remove lower levels of data, and use precise measurement tools for altitude and distance. Rotate and zoom into a storm’s features for a closer look, and perform an in-depth analysis radial-by-radial, identifying hidden threats and making effective decisions for your population.

3D Mapping and Terrain

Baron Lynx high-resolution mapping and terrain.

View weather conditions in a stunning way by accessing high-resolution mapping and terrain imagery. Baron Lynx provides the clearest picture possible when it comes to analyzing the impacts of weather on localized areas—wind data will even follow the terrain as you review it. Choose from a library of different mapping styles, and customize the view to your specifications.

Social Media Integration

Baron Lynx Weather Share tool within the interface.

Baron Lynx is your complete tool for reaching the public on social media with critical weather information. Create posts and send Lynx-made images directly to your organization’s Facebook and Twitter accounts with the WeatherShare tool. You can also create impressive .mp4 video files that can be published to social media channels with the Weather Video Producer.

The system can collect and display tweets from your relevant followers, allowing you to see first-hand how the weather is affecting the area. Schedule your posts or send them out manually. With Baron Lynx, you’ll have the tools to engage the public and warn of impeding weather conditions.

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