Weather Radar

The first line of defense in safeguarding your citizens against the threat of severe weather, every Baron radar system is built to the highest standards of accuracy, precision, and durability. Plus, our best-in-class radar support team is available 24/7/365, and can instantly connect to your system for calibration, troubleshooting, and even remote fixes. So you know your equipment is always being proactively protected in the unlikely event of any problems.

Baron has extensive experience in deploying weather radar systems across the globe, and has sold more dual-polarimetric weather radars than all of the other radar companies combined.

Fixed, mobile and transportable solutions are available, with customizable options for wattage and frequency.

  • Our C-band configurations are ideal for use in all types of weather environments, and are a good balance of cost-effective performance (available in 350,000 Watt (350KW) and 1 Megawatt configurations)
  • Designed for use in climates where convective or dense tropical weather occur, Baron S-band configurations provide operational meteorologists with information to accurately monitor and forecast all types of weather events (available in 1 Megawatt configurations).
  • Baron X-band radar systems offer extremely precise detection of winter weather events, along with effective employment in mobile and transportable configurations (available in 300KW configurations)



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