We Can’t Control the Weather, But We Can Help Control Your Risk

At Baron, we understand the impact severe weather can have on people, places, and assets. After an unexpected tornado ravaged Huntsville, Alabama in 1989, local weather personality Bob Baron set out to find a better way to improve severe weather detection.

Since its founding 30 years ago, Baron has been at the forefront of identifying impactful weather events by building state of the art radars and display solutions that can identify and track these events.

Baron’s weather forecasts, current weather conditions, and observation data are used in aviation, broadcasting, public safety, and property & automobile insurance to make faster and better weather-related decisions.

What Makes Baron Weather Intelligence Unique

What makes Baron unique is our expertise with radars and machine learning to deliver timely insights about the weather. Baron not only has a background building weather radars, but our scientists have also created proprietary algorithms and patented models that turn vast amounts of raw weather data into near real-time insights about current and developing conditions, as well as highly accurate weather forecasts.

Baron’s experience collecting and analyzing weather data has allowed us to create over 200 weather products, including 60 exclusive weather reports. This information is generated via:

  • 10,000 + remote weather sensors
  • Nearly 400 radars worldwide
  • Multiple satellites and lightning networks
  • Numerous proprietary and patented models
  • State of the art AWS processing centers backed up by a secondary site

Baron Hail Swath

Benefits of Baron Weather Intelligence in Property and Auto Insurance

  • Accurately validate claims by identifying the actual cause of loss (e.g. Wind vs. Flood)
  • Proactively alert policyholders about their exposure to severe storms up to 3 days before they hit
  • Eliminate the use of post-event swath maps and understand the impact of severe weather events (hail, tornado, hurricane, etc.) at the address level in real-time
  • Reduce loss adjustment expenses by allocating resources to where they are needed most
  • Reduce fraud by verifying the impact of weather events on specific policies
  • Gain insights into weather trends through Baron’s historical API (8-year look-back)
  • Enhance your telematics and driver scoring by integrating our road hazard information (ice, water ponding, snow, etc) to understand how insureds drive in hazardous road conditions

See For Yourself How Baron Compares to NWS and Other Data Providers

If you’re using National Weather Service data or other third-party data sources to protect your people, places, and assets, we invite you to see for yourself how Baron high-resolution weather intelligence can improve decision making at your organization.

Your free trial includes these 4 great products:

  • Standard Radar
  • Current Conditions
  • 7-Day US Forecasts
  • Baron Global Model

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