Baron Cloud Data Services

We Can’t Control the Weather, But We Can Help Control Your Risk

Baron cloud data services for an insurer's platformProactively reaching out before and after weather events, and providing crucial post-disaster response differentiate your brand and enhance your reputation. Or use the Baron data cloud to propel your apps, websites and internal services with precision weather insights. Whether you’re delivering radar, lightning and other weather data to customers through apps, or assessing weather’s impact on covered policyholders and locations, Baron Cloud Data Services help you engage and retain customers.

Powered by the Baron Weather API

easy integration with the Baron Weather API

The heart of our cloud services is the Baron Weather API—a developer-friendly toolkit for implementing intelligent weather data into your products and services. Extensive documentation, supported by our helpful onboarding staff, ensure your implementation meets your needs and works reliably. And it puts our unrivaled weather data at your command.

Flexiblity and Reliability

Because it’s API-powered, Baron cloud services are extremely versatile. Whether you want to deliver weather data and alerting to apps, websites or internal software clients, implementation is completely customizable. All your developers need is familiarity with REST architecture.

The Baron Weather API uses multiple data centers, allowing for continuous service through backup redundancy, as well as robust scalability. The service effortlessly expands to meet the demands of rigorous use.

customizalbe to your requirements

Proven Precision: Baron Data

forecast data for wind

Delivering anywhere from basic weather information (radar, temperature) to intelligent data processing for storm tracking, hail, heavy rain, tornadoes, tropical and winter weather, Baron data is a powerful differentiator for your products and services.

Additionally, forecast data can be used to anticipate conditions days in advance, so policyholders have more time to prepare for dangerous weather.