Risk Management

We Can’t Control the Weather, But We Can Help Control Your Risk

insurer risk management

The best way to keep your customers happy is by identifying potential issues before they turn into a claim. Insurance carriers can use Baron weather intelligence to gain a better understanding of weather events to mitigate risk for their customers.  Some of the benefits of using Baron’s high-resolution weather intelligence include:

  • Identifying high-risk policies and making recommendations to policyholders on how they can reduce their risk (i.e. install impact-rated skylights, storm shutters, hail guards for roof-mounted HVAC equipment, etc.)
  • Alerting automobile owners of impending storms so they can move their cars to safer places
  • Identifying renewals exposed to severe storms and ordering property inspections or aerial property reports to spot any potential issues

Baron’s REST API allows property and auto insurance carriers to pre-fill vital weather intelligence (200 data points) into in-house or third-party platforms to accelerate your decision making.   To learn more about Baron’s weather API along with our other tools, please read below.