Baron Weather Archive

We Can’t Control the Weather, But We Can Help Control Your Risk

implementations of the Baron Weather ArchiveAccurate and uniquely flexible, the Baron Weather Archive lets underwriters pull historical weather data for any part of the country, and use it to generate risk modeling for insured locations and individuals. Specialized data for hail, flooding, tornadoes, high winds, winter, hurricanes and more does the meteorological analysis for you; it’s all there for you to generate trends and insight into high-risk areas, and price your policies accordingly.

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Accurate Neighborhood-Level Data

the path of a potential tornado through a region

Granular data from Baron provides high-resolution imagery for historical weather events. This neighborhood level of specificity allows the agent to zero in on very localized areas, affording a comprehensive view of conditions that have impacted policyholders. In addition to radar and roadway conditions data, specialized data for hail, high winds, flooding and more lend a precision that ensures historical data is precise and detailed.

Available data includes:

  • High-resolution radar data
  • Proprietary products for wind, flooding, hail and tornadoes
  • Exclusive products tracking the path of hail and damaging winds
  • Roadway conditions and threats
  • Sea state data for marine and coastal applications
  • Plus much more as needs require

Integrated with the Baron Weather API

The Baron Weather Archive can be accessed through your existing internal services through a flexible and easy-to-implement data API. Extensive support and documentation from Baron, including full onboarding assistance, allows your development team to efficiently implement an archive weather solutions that’s accurate, effective and fully customized for your needs.

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