Case Study: Brunei Department of Civil Aviation

radar towerIn 2009 Brunei began looking to expand its weather observation into a national weather monitoring system that could be used for the airport, as well as for more comprehensive public safety and weather awareness.

A project of this magnitude for the nation is inevitably a multi-pronged, multidimensional development, incorporating and integrating capabilities beginning with data collection, and culminating in public information dissemination.

At the request of the Department of Civil Aviation, Baron supplied all the hardware for the project, including servers, workstations and laptops. Like the radar system itself, all systems are fully redundant, with dual server racks running in tandem to back each other up in case of a hardware or communications failure.

Overall, the project invovled the installation and integration of many different meteorological assets:

  • Dual-polarimetric S-band weather radar for monitoring Brunei’s subtropical rainfall and storms
  • Value-added data products for severe weather monitoring and hydrological forecasting, including wind shear detection, severe weather attributes, and localized flooding and precipitation data
  • 2-5 day Numerical weather prediction using a custom high-resolution version of the Baron forecast model
  • Integration of four lightning sensors, 14 AMeDAS weather observation sensors, an MTSAT satellite imagery feed, four AWOS sensors at Brunei International Airport, global METAR data, and aviation and marine model products
  • 2D and 3D visualization tools
  • Automated radar imagery export to the Brunei Meteorological Service website, a one-stop collection point for the public to view local weather conditions and weather forecasts.
  • A Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) website for cell phones, providing animated radar imagery, location-specific weather, satellite imagery overlays, and a daily forecast provided by the Brunei Meteorological Service.

Meteorologists from the State of Brunei traveled to Huntsville, Alabama in 2011 and 2012 for familiarization with all aspects of the system’s features and capabilities. Other groups spent several weeks in the Baron facilities while undergoing operational training on the radar and visualization systems. Operational in April 2012, the implementation is enabling Brunei meteorologists to better prepare and warn citizens about inclement weather.

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Find out how Baron tied Brunei’s new and existing meteorological hardware into a single unified system for instant radar analysis, accurate forecasting and enhanced distribution to the public.