Meteorological Surveillance


Case Study: The SIMIN Project

Baron worked with partners Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation to modernize a national integrated meteorological system for Romania, named SIMIN (Sistemul Meteorologic Integrat National).

SIMIN integrates a diverse array of meteorological hardware and capabilities. Baron performed full systems integration on these assets, a process requiring data from legacy systems to be converted to a format compatible with the newer installations. In total, Baron performed integration services for:

  • C-band and S-band radar sensors
  • An eight-sensor lightning detection network
  • 60 automated surface stations
  • Four aviation weather observation stations
  • METEOSAT data feed
  • 11 observational buoys
  • Forecast models
  • Data distribution and display
  • Alert messaging
  • Advanced radar analysis and nowcasting systms
  • Data processing for uniquely tailored data products