Flood Prediction

Baron provides a fully integrated turn-key solution for the advance detection and notification of potential flooding events. Its hydrology solutions produce forecasts of potential floods, and presents these forecasts as hourly time series hydrographs, allowing for visual inspection of the information using universally accepted tools and methodologies. The hourly time series is also made available to river system modeling tools, for use by a reservoir manager, for example, so that they may run interactive scenarios to find the best-fit operation for the given flow situation.

  • Perform urban flood studies using industry-accepted tools, and implement them as continuous urban flood models. The outputs from these models are available as time series and presented on Baron display tools.
  • Differentiate between areas of snow, sleet, rain and mix with 1km resolution data that’s updated every 5 minutes.
  • Estimate rainfall totals every 5 minutes with a suite of derived 1km hydrologic products from individual and composite radar base data, including 1,3,12 and 24-hour products.
  • Access Baron model data to forecast the rate and intensity of future precipitation.


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